After-Hours Emergency Procedures

  1. Call: 773-888-7075
  2. Leave message in the emergency mailbox with building address with number and issue – this message will be transferred to our maintenance staff immediately!

Please refrain from from using this number during business hours. During business hours (Mondays through Fridays from 9AM to 5PM), please call the office at 773-561-9345 and dial 0 for the receptionist or you may email your maintenance request/issue to: [email protected]

We ask that you limit the emergency calls to “Emergencies” only as defined herein: An Emergency is considered one in which life is threatened or damage to the premises is imminent.

  1. A leak that is uncontrollable and causing damage to floor, walls, etc… (A leaky faucet can wait until the next business day.
  2. Water that is overflowing from a clogged toilet or tub and is causing damage to floor, walls, etc… (Please make sure that if you have a clog that you try to plunge it AND do not flush it again until it is unclogged. Otherwise it will overflow.) Please be aware that if we unclog the toilet or drain for you and we find that unnatural items were the cause of the clog, you may be charged for the service call.
  3. FIRE! Please call 911 first! Then call the FPS After-Hours Emergency line while in a safe and secure place.
  4. You smell natural gas. It has a distinct, pungent odor so it is easy to detect. Leaking gas can cause an explosion and fire. First check to see if the pilot lights in your stove are lit, if you still smell gas…please call Peoples Energy – 24-Hour Natural Gas Emergencies: 866-556-6002. We are not responsible for any charges from Peoples Energy.
  5. No electricity in the building – this is out of our control. ComEd is responsible for providing electricity to the building/city block. Please call Commonwealth Edison – 800-334-7661.
  6. No electricity in entire apartment: If you do not have electricity in the entire apartment and do not have a key to the fuse box, this is an emergency! But if you have power in part of the apartment, please report it on the next business day unless your refrigerator is out.
  7. LOCKED-OUT OF APARTMENT. We are not required to provide lockout service after business hours unless you are charged for the service. The cost is $75 per occurrence ($100 during Holidays) and is to be paid directly to the engineer providing the service.

Please post this notice in your apartment for your convenience.