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Temperatures are hitting their summer peaks, so it\'s a good time to swap out your old cotton T-shirts for sports and workout gear that\'ll keep you cool, even when it\'s scorching hot out. And it\'s perfect timing, with Amazon\'s current slew of discounts on men\'s and women\'s Adidas clothing, with shorts and T-shirts up to 30{f870fa4cecd59a60172b8a061f3bae3f372474a9c97d56b963a546f5af720c4a} off.\n \n
The Covid-19 crisis has brought with it a mental health crisis in the United States, and new data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show just how broad the pandemic\'s impact on mental health might be.\n \n
The US Postal Service is warning states that voters risk not getting their ballots back to election offices in time because of lags in mail delivery, according to letters reviewed by CNN, adding a new level of uncertainty to the coming presidential election and leaving states to ascertain how to adjust.\n \n
Former President Barack Obama took on President Donald Trump\'s attempts to stall funding for the United States Postal Service in a podcast published Friday, slamming his predecessor\'s opposition to the much-needed funds as a craven attempt to boost his chances of winning in November.\n \n
An FBI lawyer who worked on the surveillance warrant of former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page plans to plead guilty Friday to making a false statement in an email as part of an investigation into the Russia investigation.\n \n
Millions of Americans remain unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic and many are struggling to pay their bills. But despite devastation in other parts of the US economy, American consumerism has staged a rapid comeback.\n \n